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About Our Team

We are TI Corporation and We are at your Service!

Israel Guzman

Cyber Security, Cloud & DevOps . ..:

Creator of Disruptive Differentiation with Innovation Management, Decision Maker & Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Cyber Security, Infrastructure Technology and IT Operations, DevOps, passionate for exceed expectations of customer IT and LOB, to develop an accurate understanding of business needs and related issues. CTO, IT Geek Advisor, Nexus of Force L4.

  • Cyber Security 80%
  • DevSecOps 75%
  • CISO 70%

Smith Gonsalves

Business Executive
India’s One of the Youngest Ethical Hacker, Forensic Investigator & Security Analyst Director RedMigon Development, Security Analyst. He is expertise in Web Application Security, Network Security, Application Security, Deep Web, ZeroNet, Risk and Advisory. He has also issued and published certain resource paper which have came on popular magazines like Consultant Review, Digital4n6Journal, Newspapers.

  • Ethical Hacking 85%
  • Forensic Investigation 75%
  • Security Analyst 70%

Mayur Agnihotri

Business Executive
AppSec India Co-Leader, Item Writer at EC-Council, Technical Committee- @D4n6J, Member Executive Council @CIS_Defender
OWASP Foundation Indore Institute Of Science and Technology. An Information Security Enthusiast, Who believes in Security and Not Just Compliance. C|EH, Cyber Security SCADA, Advanced Security In The Field, Basic Security In The Field, [FEMA] – Cyber Incident Analysis and Response, [FEMA].

  • Information Security 85%
  • C|EH 80%
  • Scada Cyber Security 65%

Our main differentiator is

The Speed of Our Service. Our Efficiency. We offer a real time support, focussing mainly in your request. We are ready for assist you, let Us find the solution that your company is searching.

Innovative Ideas

Continuously improvemenet. We have Our own labs specialized for Research, sandboxing. Critical Analyst, Forensics Services, Learning. Private Datacanters protected & secured.

Advanced Technology

All power of Cyber Industry. On Demand for you, Our portfolio is based in 0 Days. Providing to you the warranty neccesary for your company. Ourself perfom the test of fire to each one.

Clear Communication

Trust Security & Clearance. Our priority is provide to you an status of your request, and grant the 99.9% UP of your operation, with a fluid communication. Is a basic rule for Us.

We are ready to assist you. Get In Touch.

If you are needing help, we are the correct way, send us your request and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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